5 Minutes In Poverty Walk-Thru Display

5 Minutes In Poverty Walk-Thru Display

…provides such clear examples of what poverty really looks like as well as ways we can effect change in our communities and these families that are closer to us than we may realize. – Jill

One of the biggest challenges to fighting poverty is understanding it.

For those of us who have not experienced the struggle of poverty, we simply don’t understand the realities that our neighbors in these circumstances are going through. Therefore, our view can be distorted by misconceptions and misinformation.

Those working to move out of poverty look a lot like us, but they also face unique challenges and choices.

To help us as a community better understand some of these unique challenges and choices, we’re introducing the 5 Minutes In Poverty walk-thru display.

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…provides real solutions to help bring about change for those in need. – James

This walk-thru display presents you with scenarios that a person in poverty might face, while providing solutions and action steps you can take to make a difference.

We’re going on tour with this display and would LOVE to bring it (for free) to your business, church, or organization!

Whether as an event we staff or a standalone piece available for employees or church members to walk by on their own time, this display is designed to be an engaging resource to help people learn about poverty and get involved in building a better Evansville.

Watch this video to learn more:

Contact us to learn how you can bring this display to the people you know.

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5 Minutes In Poverty Walk-Thru Display