For parents on their journey out of poverty, purchasing Christmas gifts for their children simply isn’t something that can be done.

The Christmas Toy Shop offers new Christmas gifts for children by giving parents a dignified way to provide gifts themselves at a price they can afford.

How does it work?
People like you donate new toys. Those toys are then sold in the Christmas Toy Shop at our facility where parents can shop with their children.

Why do you charge?
For years, we gave out hundreds of Christmas presents. The problem? Handouts can rob people of their dignity. Handing out gifts disrespects the parents’ role as provider for their children. Paying an affordable price restores their role and their dignity.

Who is eligible to participate?
The Christmas Toy Shop is available to clients in good standing with our GAIN Initiative, Parenting Rewards, Fatherhood Initiative, and Grace House Teen Challenge.

How can I get involved?
You can purchase new toys (valued $25-$50) for ages birth-14. Need ideas? Look at this recommended toy list (PDF).

Contact Sharon Taylor at staylor [at] or 812.423.9222.