Introducing the e-life process: helping people move from need to potential

When someone misses out on their potential, we all lose.
When just one person moves toward their potential, we all win.
E-life helps clients, supporters, and everyone in between destroy poverty and build a better Evansville.

We’re all partners, we’re all pointed the same direction, we’re all e-life.

Watch this video to learn how e-life helps someone on their journey out of poverty:


1. Relief
2. Resource
3. Release


Watch this video to learn how e-life helps someone on their journey to love people by connecting to causes they have a heart for:


1. Experience
2. Educate
3. Connect
4. Grow


E-life is the unique process the Evansville Christian Life Center uses to help destroy poverty and build an Evansville with less poverty and stronger families.

Our group of volunteers, clients, donors, and staff have the privilege to take part in many stories like these:

“I created an adoption plan.”
“I learned how to raise a Christ-centered family.”
“I came to a place to regain custody of my children.”
“I donated items to the same food pantry I once used.”
“I overcame loneliness through volunteering.”
“I went back to school and completed a master’s degree.”
“I volunteered where I used to be a client.”



Take part as a client:
Learn more about our services, then contact us by email or at 812.423.9222.

Take part as a supporter:
Learn more by taking a tour, then get involved through volunteering, donating, or being an ambassador.

Learn more about poverty and solutions:
• Check out 5 Minutes in Poverty playing card experience.
• Explore 5 Minutes in Poverty interactive, walk-thru display.
• Watch one or more CONVERSATIONS.
• Read (or listen to) The Community I See book.

Contact us by email or at 812.423.9222.