The Gift Of Healthcare

The Gift Of Healthcare

It’s happened to so many of us. We all know the feeling.

A cold that goes on a little too long. A virus our child catches that we’re not sure how to make better. A toothache that makes moving about daily life almost impossible. A positive pregnancy test leaves us questioning our next steps.

Then, we weigh the options in our minds:

Should I go to the doctor? Will this pass? Can I afford this doctor’s visit?

Because of your partnership through the Evansville Christian Health Clinic, your neighbors can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that a licensed medical professional will examine a sickness, a toothache, a pregnancy need, and more. A large portion of our community needs healthcare, but YOU can give them the option and the freedom to give their health a fighting chance in today’s world.

If you’re in need:
Please use our services.

If you’re stable or have a surplus:
Please support our services.

The Gift Of Healthcare