Stories Are Who We Are

Stories Are Who We Are

At the Evansville Christian Life Center, we value the power of stories. Read on to celebrate the wins we have witnessed from each and every one of our services.

Stories From Truth Talk

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A story from our Truth Talk Facilitator, who received a note from a teacher: 

“Thank you so much for leading my class in Truth Talk. Your connection with the kids was inspiring to witness. Keep inspiring others with your love and passion for educating youth. It takes a village.” 

Another note from a teacher: 

“I didn’t know what to expect when my students began to participate in Truth Talk, but now that I’ve witnessed how it benefits students and how it teaches them to build healthy relationships, I can’t wait to recommend the program to other schools!”

Stories From Our Health Clinic

A Visit To Evansville Christian Health Clinic Saves A Life:

Bob visited our Dental Blitz event for an extraction. The volunteer dentist who cared for him approached our staff and mentioned that Bob had a suspicious-looking area in his mouth. The volunteer informed us that Bob would need to be examined by a specialist. God’s timing is remarkable because our next Dental Blitz would have a specialist! Bob returned to our next Blitz, and he was examined and brought in for a biopsy. The biopsy report stated the site was cancerous, and it was removed and repaired. Bob’s prognosis is good, and we’re grateful our Dental Blitz team caught this early! Dental health is essential for many reasons, and preventative care like the story above scratches the surface of what access to all forms of medical care can mean for so many in our community. We are thankful for our donors and volunteers that make these events possible!

No Matter A Patient’s Ability To Pay, They Will Receive Medical Care

“We had a new patient at our Health Clinic recently whose entire family had recently lost their health insurance because of job loss brought on by the pandemic. The patient remembered receiving a brochure in the mail about available dental services at the clinic. Their entire family needed dental cleanings. While here, a dentist volunteered to provide additional services, not offered at the clinic, at his office free of charge. The family was relieved to receive vital care at an affordable cost when so many other options weren’t available. It is a blessing and privilege to ease the anxieties of people in our community who require dental and medical services.”

Stories From Our Life Skills Classes

A Story Our Food Services Coordinator, Speaking With A Participant Of One Of Our Nutrition Classes 

“I have been on staff for about three years now, and before that, I was a board member and volunteer for a few years in the early 2000s. What has me so excited is the one on one conversation we can have with our clients. In the first class I participated in, I met Kayla, and as we talked, I learned more about her and her walk with Christ; and I shared my walk with her. It occurred to me this was the most profound spiritual conversation I have ever had with a client. It was a great blessing to have an experience that felt like I had a chance to speak life into someone with such ease and with no worries of being somewhere else during a class. I’m thankful for God giving us the ability to become more client-focused so they can reach their potential!”

A Story From A Client Who Has Utilized Multiple Services, Including Our Online Free Life Skills Classes Offered

Jane was terrified of the concept of being a single mother and needed help. She called the Family Care Services Department, and she met one on one with a Real Alternatives advocate. Jane is a brilliant, educated, responsible young woman. She wanted to build her parenting skills and be prepared to be a single mother. She is due to deliver the baby anytime. Jane states, “These [Bright Course] videos are amazing. They have helped me a lot! I don’t know what I would have done without them!” We are excited at all the potential Jane continues to show as she becomes an amazing mother. 

Stories From Our Family Care Services

Never Alone

Betty started coming to Family Care Services after finding out she was pregnant in July of 2018. She expected to deliver the baby in March of 2019. Betty had just lost a baby the previous year, and as a result, began to self-harm to numb the pain she was feeling from her loss. I encouraged her to seek medical attention to help her cope, and thankfully she did. Betty was terrified during the first trimester of her new pregnancy. The grief she went through with the loss came back to her, and she had a hard time believing that she was pregnant and doubted her capabilities to be a parent. We met every two weeks and would discuss the baby’s fetal development, pregnancy symptoms, everything relating to the pregnancy, and her progress. The loss of her first child created a hesitancy to be excited for this baby. Finally, in her third trimester, I noticed a change in her. She wanted to talk more about the baby’s nursery, the baby shower, the baby’s name, etc. In March, she delivered her baby and brought her in for all of us to see! I have never seen Betty so happy, she was glowing. Because of the trauma she had experienced, Betty was negative for most of her pregnancy and didn’t care about learning how to become the best parent she could be. We provided her with that continuous support through the Real Alternatives program even though she was scared and doubtful about her pregnancy. It was an honor to give her baby items, pregnancy support, and positivity through every phase and beyond.

We Love Hearing From Former Clients Who Have Moved Forward On Their Journey

A former client sent us a text with pictures stating how thankful they were for our services. The images were of her child in an outfit from the Family Care Services boutique where parents can get items needed if they participate in our services. The text said, “Just wanted to show you this outfit has been through two children. And maybe more in the future! Forever thankful I met all of you!”

Stories From GAIN Initiative

The Change We See

Tori joined a GAIN Cohort in 2020. During her time with us, she’s improved her credit score, found access to stable work that moved her forward to proper financial stability, bought a reliable car, and enrolled in Ivy Tech! This is major! When we hear stories like these, it is an excellent reminder of what GAIN participants can do when they have an incredible amount of tenacity and access to the right resources and encouragement from partners and mentors.

A Massive Win For Our Participants

In 2021 alone, four GAIN initiative participants graduated from college.

Stories From Accent On Christ

Lives Can Be Changed Through Community

“Not only myself, but I’ve seen many people come through here and have their lives changed.” – AOC Participant

Find Life Again With The Support Of The Accent On Christ Family

“AOC didn’t give me my life back, they gave me a life better than I ever would have thought I could have had.” – AOC Participant

Stories From The Clothing Department

The Clothing Department Remains A Vital Resource

Covid-19 caused significant job loss, which of course meant an increased amount of job interviews and new work found by our neighbors. Something that is often taken for granted is dressing well for a job hunt and prospective employers. Even after a person lands a job, dressing appropriately for work becomes a huge need. Melissa was one of the many people who faced these obstacles. She came to our Clothing Department looking for work shoes because she had just gotten a job at the unemployment office. Our staff found what she needed, and Melissa was very excited to purchase three new outfits for her new job. These stories are not uncommon but continue to show the critical steps our neighbors are making as they work towards getting ahead and their potential.

Finding An Affordable Outfit For A Special Day

We had a gentleman come in because he was getting married and didn’t have anything to wear. He told us it would be a small ceremony and that his fiance wasn’t expecting him to dress up, but he wanted to surprise her by wearing a suit for the first time in his life. We walked him back to the men’s department and started going through the suits with him, and when we found the perfect one, he was so thrilled and kept saying how he was praying on the way here and that God put that suit there just for him. Answered prayers!

Stories From The Food Co-op

Money Saved To Put Towards Debt

“The amount of savings from just one Food Co-op experience can be placed on top of the minimum payment due on our littlest ‘debt snow-ball’ debt” – A new Food Co-op client

Accessing Essentials For A Reduced Rate

“I went from receiving one roll of toilet paper at a food pantry to purchasing a pack at the Co-op.” – A Food Co-op member

Stories Are Who We Are