Exciting News For Volunteers!

Exciting News For Volunteers!

We’re excited, and we know you will be too!

This year has brought about change for everyone, and at the Evansville Christian Life Center we’ve been changing and adapting for the better. This is excellent news!

One huge way we’ve experienced change is how our volunteers interact with and invest in our clients.

This past year, volunteers have had the opportunity to take the time needed to get to know our clients on a deeper level. Volunteers are learning about their neighbors’ lives, their struggles, their wins, and their losses in a way we’ve never seen before.

We discussed these exciting changes in a new video below. Learn about how you can get involved and how we can continue to evolve and help our community together!

If you choose to be a volunteer, a donor, or both, you WILL see change and bring hope to your city. You’ll invest in people that come through our services and see with your own eyes the endless amounts of potential each one of them has to offer.

If you’re in need:
Please use our services.

Become a volunteer, become a donor, become a partner at the Evansville Christian Life Center and make a lasting impact in your community.:
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Exciting News For Volunteers!