The Evansville Christian Life Center allows those facing financial, educational, relational, emotional, and spiritual barriers to reach their full potential through a circle of services.

At the center of this is our GAIN Anti-Poverty Initiative, which acts as the hub of everything we do, with our supportive services being the spokes of the wheel that support as our neighbors move forward on their journey.

No matter how our neighbors start on their journey toward stability, or why they decide to come to us, the ECLC’s Circle Of Services can walk alongside all areas of their life and the journey forward becomes possible.

Barriers, whether financial, educational, relational, emotional, or spiritual, keep our neighbors from their full potential.

These barriers lead to addiction, crime, abuse, and family breakdown.

Barriers destroy individuals, potential, and hope.

Evansville is made up of individuals.

When one person loses out on their potential, WE ALL LOSE.

Yet, when one person is freed to pursue their potential, WE ALL WIN.

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VOLUNTEER DONATE This past year 114 pregnancy tests were administered, 357 teeth were extracted, 76 ultrasounds were given, 106 dental cleanings were performed, 153 people were served through our Dental Blitzes. And so much more! Because of your help, we’ve seen exciting results.