Our work is possible thanks to support from our corporate partners.
See this list of corporate partners. 

Sponsor a program

Help fund our work by providing a corporate sponsorship for one of our services. Download this printable flyer (PDF) to learn more.

Sponsor an event

Help fund our work by providing a corporate sponsorship for a fundraising event.

Corporate matching

Some businesses and corporations offer matching grants for employees’ charitable donations and/or volunteer hours. Interested? We can help you find out if you qualify.

Gift-in-kind donations

Provide ongoing gift-in-kind resources. Approximately 1/3 of our operating costs are provided by gift-in-kind donations from food to printing to heating and air services (just to name a few).


Volunteer on a one-time project, group activity, or an ongoing basis.

Host a drive

Collect items to help those those working to move out of poverty by hosting a food, clothing, or diaper drive at your business.

Host a gathering

Help create awareness of our work by hosting a gathering at your business. A representative from the ECLC can come talk about the work we do, answer questions, and help connect anyone who might be interested.

Schedule a tour

Are you interested in learning more about how to get involved? A tour is a great way to start. In one hour, you’ll hear about our mission and visit some of the services in our 120-year-old building.