GAIN: Getting Ahead Initiative Network

“I moved from barely paying rent to building a savings account.”

– Participant

The journey toward stability is often complex and overwhelming for many of our neighbors.

The GAIN Initiative (formerly Circles®/Anti-Poverty) is a network designed to move our community forward together. Its perspective is that relationships are the key to overcoming their current circumstances. The GAIN Initiative connects people to people, bringing together participants and partners who work together to overcome their barriers individually and on a community level.


• Gain relationships and resources on their journey to a Future Story

• Gain valuable training to take charge of their lives

• Gain the opportunity to solve community challenges


• Gain a new perspective on socio-economic class, hidden rules, and community barriers

• Gain friendships while helping others to build their social support

• Gain the opportunity to help our community thrive together

We’re seeing exciting results:

• Over 200 households have moved forward on their journey to more stability

• GAIN participants now serve on community advisory boards

• GAIN has 8 collaborative partner sites in 5 different counties

Other Programs That Set Our Neighbors Up For Success On Their Journey Toward Stability

Getting Started:

Getting Started is an interim program (6 months or less) where a person is interested in moving towards identified goals in their life. If a person is not sure what they want to do, we would love to have a conversation with them to help identify areas that they would like to develop. Most participants are headed towards the next GAIN cohort.

Stayed Ahead:

Staying Ahead is a monthly support meeting for Getting Ahead graduates. Staying Ahead ]provides an opportunity for Getting Ahead graduates to stay engaged with one another, to learn, and grow while working on actionable goals to move forward.

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Make a difference

You can make a difference by volunteering in the GAIN Initiative.
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