Resource Q&A

Resource Q&A

Ask questions. Navigate resources.

Have your circumstances changed due to COVID-19?

Are you overloaded with conflicting information on how to move forward?

Does it feel overwhelming trying to keep up with the ever-changing information on employment, income, and resources?

Many people in our community are facing circumstances they’ve never dealt with before. Navigating through these details may bring up questions you’re unsure about.

If you have questions about employment, income, or COVID-19 resources, call the Evansville COVID-19 Resource Call Line!

We are partnering with agency in the community and helping staff the Evansville COVID-19 Resource Call Line. A trained staff member is here to help you navigate these new circumstances.

Why call?

  • These circumstances may be new to you
  • You might not even know what you need
  • New options and resources are rolling out quickly and can be hard to keep up with
  • You might not realize there are resources available for you that can really help and don’t take anything away from someone you think needs it more
  • You may have a plan and just want to run it by someone

What should I do?

Talk to the Evansville COVID-19 Resource Call Line! (Seriously, it’s that simple.)

Schedule a phone conversation or appointment and we’ll:

  • Talk with you about your needs
  • Help you navigate your options, resources, and questions
  • Help you make a plan (or give you feedback if you’ve already got a plan)

Whatever your circumstances (big, small, or somewhere in-between), we’re here to help.

No strings.
No sales pitch.

We’re just talking it out with you. Working through your questions and concerns.

How do I get started?

Contact them at 812.901.1059. Someone will be available from 8-5 and after hours you can leave a voicemail.

Resource Q&A