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Give to fight poverty and strengthen families.

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About your donation

Where do you receive $ from?

Individuals (35%)

Grants/Foundations (35%)

Fundraising (14%)

Churches (6%)

Misc (6%)

Corp Sponsorships (6%)

How do you spend my $?

Providing Services (44%)

Administration (18%)

Operating (13%)

Utilities (9%)

Insurance (9%)

PRC Property Rental (4%)

Maintenance (3%)

What impact does my $ help fund?

In the past year:

55,803 meals served
4,412 students taught abstinence education
660 pregnancy tests
400 Health Clinic patients
Income increase of 87% from GAIN members
Food Co-op

Gift-in-kind: Approximately 40% of our operating expenses (not listed or figured into numbers above) are provided by gift-in-kind donations from individuals and organizations.

See our 2016 Annual Report (PDF).

How we manage your donation

As a local 501c3 nonprofit organization, we worked hard to manage the finances entrusted to us with transparency, accountability, frugality, and intentionality.

• Our financials are available upon request.
• Our finances are managed under the supervision of our Board of Directors.
• Our finances are annually reviewed by an independent organization.

 The Evansville Christian Life Center is a United Way Partner

Invest in someone’s potential.

Poverty keeps people from their potential.
When someone is kept from their potential, we all lose.

Whether $1 or $1,000,000, your gift helps someone write a new story for their life as they move from a place of need toward their potential in Christ.

Other ways to give

Join a drive

Take part in or host a food, clothing, or diaper drive.


Do you have clothing donations? Drop them off anytime in the blue clothing bins beside our parking lot.

Download the gift-in-kind form.

Food Co-op

Donate food items for our Food Co-op.

Parenting Rewards

Donate diapers or baby items for our Parenting Rewards program.